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New Years Eve Menu2019-12-20T15:55:46-07:00

Three course dinner for $58
We are pleased to introduce you our favourite meals from the menu
Complementary Croustille au Fromage

Choice of soup or salad

Spinach, pear and blue cheese salad

Caesar salad

French Lentil soup

Creamy fresh mushroom soup



One choice of our favourite crepes

Stroganoff crepe:

Strips of beef tenderloin grilled with peppers, onions, pickles and mushrooms in a demi-glace paprika cream sauce

Crepe A la Reine

Bite size chicken breast and veal with mushrooms in a wine cream sauce

Miramar crepe

Bite size chicken breast, baby shrimp and peach compote in a light curry cream sauce.

Ratatouille crepe

Eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, red pepper, onion, garlic and herbs, topped with our cheese mix in an herb crepe

Crepe Seafood Americaine

Scallops, shrimps and monkfish in a tarragon lobster sauce


Choice of desert

Crepe Glace au Chocolate
Crepe Raspberry Cardinal
Combination crepe with both sauces



Special New Year’s Eve drink:
Glass of Strawberry champagne $14